HWA Oregon

The Oregon Chapter of the Horror Writers Association


First Meeting of the HWA Oregon Chapter

On July 20, 2023, the first meeting of the HWA Oregon Chapter commenced. Below you will find the attendance and minutes.


Sarah Walker (CHAIR); Frances Ippolito (SECRETARY); Kate Boyes; D.L. Myers; Alan Lastufka; Larina Warnock; Dan Salvatore; Katherine Quevedo; Adam Bolivar; David Barker; J.B. (John) Kish; Richard Leis; Andrew Fuller; Laura Cranehill; David Casi


  1. Introductions of attendees
  2. Scheduling a monthly meeting time – should we do physical spot or zoom? Sarah will send out a poll for a meeting time.
  3. WW Fair – HWA Table on August 4th, 4-6:30pm. Sarah will talk to Lisa Morton about promotional material.
  4. HP Lovecraft Film Festival – Andrew Fuller describing the FF and Literary Track; October 6-8
    Author readings – Using another building for the reading space
    Panel Pitches
    Microfiction contest
    Screenplay writing
  5. Bizzarocon November 16-19, 2023 McMenamin’s Edgefield-Troutdale, OR
    Eraser Head Press
  6. Orycon is coming.
  7. Portland Book Festival –
  8. StokerCon 2024 in San Diego
  9. Hotel room blocks
  10. carpooling
  11. October panels or readings at libraries
    Tik-Tok readings and have it for Sarah Walker
    Send requests to Sarah and we can send to general group bcc. 
  12. Volunteer speakers –  any volunteers wants to present on a topic
  13. Website – Alan Lastufka volunteered
    Interviews on the website
    Featured members


  1. https://hplfilmfestival.com/content/author-reading-application
  2. https://hplfilmfestival.com/content/panel-pitch
  3. https://bizarrocon.com/registration/
  4. Sarah Walker – Gemma Files Anthology; cursed film; $50 flat + contributor
    1. https://www.aliensunpress.com
    1. Release June 21, 2024
  5. Andrew Fuller book released — Constellations of Ruin at the publisher… https://journalstone.com/bookstore/constellations-of-ruin/
  6. Orycon 43 is coming. https://www.orycon.org
    1. Panels and reading opportunities
  7. http://underlandpress.com/cozycosmic.php
  8. Under Her Eye Poetry Anthology is coming out (Laura Cranehill will have a poem in the collection)
  9. Sarah Walker – setting up a horror writer read
  10. David Casi has volunteered for social events
  11. Discussion about whether we want to start a HWA Discord.